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Steel Force KPC 3551 Portable 14" Wet/Dry Electric Corded Circular Concrete Saw/Power Angle Cutter 2600W w/Water Line & Guide Roller 4.5 out of 5 stars 6 $219.95 $ 219 . 95 ($10.00/in) Armor CT Black Bandsaw Blade Coil StockBandsaw Blade Coil Stock. Lenox Carbon Steel Coil Stock. Lenox NEO-TYPE Coil Stock; Lenox FLEX BACK Coil Stock; Forces heat into the chips rather than the blade or work piece. HIGH QUALITY, MICRO-GRAINED CARBIDE Tailored to cut a wide range of materials. HIGH PERFORMANCE BACKING STEEL Excellent fatigue life . 15 item(s) - Page 1 of 1

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Pre-tempered High Carbon Steel with uniform hardness throughout 44-46 RC Benefits:Efficient, Economical Hobby Band Saw Blades for the Occasional User. Olson Wood Band (WB) is similar to band saw blades supplied by Delta, Sears, & Vermont American for Bench Top Band Saws , but are especially effective with 1/8" wide blades for tight Bandsaw Blades 1/2 inch 3TPI Hook Tooth Band Saw BladesThis blade is made from.025" thick carbon steel with a hard-edge and a flex-back. It has 3 teeth per inch with a deep, hook style, tooth gullet that is well suited for ripping thick stock and resawing. Timothy Rousseau recommends this blade in his Fine Woodworking article Learn to Resaw. (FWW # Best Coolant to use with band saw??? - Practical MachinistApr 25, 2008 · We saw a wide range of materials (mostly carbon steel solids or structural shapes and stainless steel bar) and have not noticed any difference in blade life based on coolant. I'm sure it would make quite a bit of difference if we were production sawing the same material all the time, then we could optimize the coolant for the job.

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Blade Material Bandsaw blades must meet two requirements:flexibility and hardness. The flexibility of a blade allows it to travel on the wheel as a band, while hardness allows the teeth to cut and hold an edge. Modern materials technology has allowed bandsaw blades to meet these requirements in various ways. Carbon Steel Carbide Impregnated Steel Carbon - Starrett Precision Measuring Tools and Saw Blades Duratec SFB Band Saw Blades:Made from carbon steel with a flexible back, they are ideal for economic cutting on easy-to-machine ferrous or nonferrous metal and wood. Available in a wide range of widths, thickness, pitches for general purpose contour and straight cutting on a variety of machines. Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blade, 59-1/2" LongCarbon tool steel bandsaw blades are designed to work with a woodcutting saw  to cut all types of woods 800-3,500 fpm; especially ideal for soft woods, i.e. pine, polar, fir and spruce. If used with a good release agent, it can cut plastics at a range of 200-800 fpm, or non-ferrous metal ( i.e. aluminum, copper and brass ) at a range of

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the surface speed of the blade. RPM x diameter in inches x .262 = SFM. Note:Olson Spring Steel Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades should never be operated at surface speeds above 3000 SFM. Olson Carbon Hard Edge Flexible Back Band Saw Blades may be run up to 8000 SFM. Blade Width - Inches 1 3/4 5/8 1/2 3/8 1/4 3/16 1/8 Minimum Radius - Inches 751 Premium Resaw Bandsaw Blades Popular Woodworking MagazineJan 12, 2010 · So, its the thickness of the blade that limits how wide a blade you can put on a 14-in. saw. For the most part, you are limited to 1/2-in.-wide blades in order to stay within the .025-in. thickness limitation. Some notable exceptions are Olsons All-Pro (AP77105) and Grizzlys Carbide Embedded blade, which are 5/8-in. wide. Products - Wikus SawSawing tools for excellent efficiency Band saw blades and circular saw blades by WIKUS stand for excellent precision and productivity. Users across the world trust in our intelligent tools. In addition to a high-quality product, WIKUS has an enormous bandwidth of solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Jul 21, 2015 · One thing to mention before getting started:this approach does well for carbon steel and bimetal bandsaw blades. Do not use this method with carbide or carbide-tipped bandsaw blades, as the teeth are too hard to sharpen easily. In the case of carbide-tipped bandsaw blades, the tip may even pop completely off while doing this procedure. Supercut Band Saw Blade 64 1/2-inch X 1/2-inch X .025-inch Supercut Band Saw Blade 64 1/2-inch X 1/2-inch X .025-inch, 14 TPI Carbon Tool Steel Blade for Cutting Mild Steel, Wood, and Other Materials by Supercut Bandsaw 4.0 out of 5 stars 6 ratings WOODMASTER® BAND SAW BLADES LENOX ToolsWOODMASTER blades are engineered for long life and consistent performance in a variety of wood cutting applications. The blades are built to wear evently and deliver straight cuts at extreme band speeds. These products cut faster and longer, which increases

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Welcome to the Bahco Bandsaw Blade Catalog Are you working with hard-to-cut, advanced alloys such as ium? Carbon Steel Blades High Hard Carbon Steel Blades - Regular Teeth DIMEnSIOnS TEETH PRODUCT InCHES MM PER InCH CODE 1/4 x .025 6 x 0.6 10 3847-6-0.6-R-10 1/4 x .025 6 x 0.6 14 3847-6-0.6-R-14 Welcome to the Bahco Bandsaw Blade CatalogWelcome to the Bahco Bandsaw Blade Catalog Are you working with hard-to-cut, advanced alloys such as ium? Carbon Steel Blades High Hard Carbon Steel Blades - Regular Teeth DIMEnSIOnS TEETH PRODUCT InCHES MM PER InCH CODE 1/4 x .025 6 x 0.6 10 3847-6-0.6-R-10 1/4 x .025 6 x 0.6 14 3847-6-0.6-R-14 Woodstock Hook Bandsaw Blade 105 x 3-8 6 TPI D3524These Steelex High Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades feature hardened teeth and a flexible back to provide extra cutting sharpness and durability for all wood-cutting applications. We tested these against some of the highest priced carbon blades on the market and could tell no difference in performance. 105 Long 3/8 Wide 6 TPI Hook High Carbon Steel

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Morse 64-1/2" Carbon Flex Raker Bandsaw Blades Ideal for wood production cutting, as well as short production and maintenance applications using low alloy steel and nonferrous metals. Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steel with individually hardened tooth tips. Flexible back for greater fatigue resistance.